National Debt

Under the Trump Administration, and with the help of GOP Rep. David Schweikert, the national debt exploded $7.8 trillion. The national debt today stands at over $28 trillion. This is unsustainable.

The truth of the matter is that given the size of both Social Security and Medicare relative to the total budget we will never be able to cut our way to a balanced budget. The only way to reach a balanced budget is through growth in a manner very similar to that experienced during the Clinton Administration in the 90’s which actually saw us carry a budget surplus eight years in a row.

I support a Balanced Budget Amendment to the US Constitution that affords certain provisions during times of war or national emergencies—such as a pandemic.

I also support the President being given the Line-Item Veto.

We must set our country on solid financial footing so that when the next emergency arrives at our shores we’ll be financially prepared to meet it. Truth be told, the national economic catastrophe brought on by Covid-19 would have been much easier to tackle had we not been staring at a $25 trillion debt at the beginning.