Summer of DB Cooper

Summer of DB Cooper

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The “Summer of DB Cooper” campaign is seeking five people who want to join my quest to gain access to DB Cooper’s clip-on tie from the front lines—a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

If you are willing and able to contribute $500 toward this effort—or round up previous contributions to the $500 level—you will get to experience the “Summer of DB Cooper” with me, first-hand.

Here is what you receive:

1) I will be in Seattle June 14th and 15th for a media push and interviews—you are invited to join.

2) While in Seattle, we will be taking a day trip to Tena Bar to see the private location where $6000 of DB Cooper’s ransom was found in 1980–I’ll be driving. The location has also been the filming site for several documentaries and TV shows.

3) While in Seattle we will meet up with Flight 305 passenger Bill Mitchell at a local pub. Bill sat directly across the aisle from DB Cooper during the fateful flight.

4) I will be in Washington, DC on June 19th and 20th for a media push and interviews—you are invited to join.

5) While in Washington, DC, I am going to attempt to get tickets to The FBI Experience museum at FBI Headquarters for each of us. It was here that I saw DB Cooper’s actual tie in October 2021. I am going to try to enable us to see the tie during this visit.

6) I will be filing paperwork with the Court depending upon the agency responses—you are invited to join.

7) I will be meeting with Members of Congress to discuss obtaining access to the clip-on tie—you are invited to join.

8) I will be hosting a panel discussion at CooperCon 2023 about the “Summer of DB Cooper” campaign, which you will be invited to take part in on-stage.

9) Two All-Days passes to CooperCon 2023 will be provided.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: As one of the five “Summer of DB Cooper” contributors, you are invited to take part in all, or some, of the above efforts depending upon your personal schedule. However, travel and accommodation costs are not included and shall be covered by you separately. Transportation in and around Seattle and Washington, DC is included, given that I’m renting an SUV.

If you have contributed already to the “Pry The Tie From The FBI” campaign and are interested in rounding-up to $500 to take advantage of this campaign, please contact me (ERIC@ERICULIS.COM) and I will provide a method to contribute the add-on.