DB Cooper Boeing Connection?


There are several items that strongly suggest that DB Cooper had some sort of relationship with Boeing at some point in time. The following is a list of items pointing to such a relationship:

  • Knowledge of 15 degree flap setting.
  • Knowledge that jet could takeoff with the airstairs down. (How does DBC know this? Does this require access to secret information about testing?)
  • Knowledge that the jet could open the airstairs in-flight and safely fly with them deployed. (NOTE comments from above regarding such knowledge.)
  • Refueling time of the jet.
  • Commercially pure titanium, stainless steel and aluminum particles indicate Boeing connection. All of these items are present in the Pratt & Whitney JT8D engine.
  • Apparent recognition of Tacoma from the air.
  • Knowledge of McChord in relation to SeaTac.
  • Fact that DBC apparently planned to jump near Seattle and apparently felt comfortable with the region.
The fact that the jet flew north to Seattle before turning around to head back south indicates a Seattle connection in my mind. Otherwise, why not skyjack the jet heading south as it continues south?