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DB Cooper Research From Eric

DB Cooper Flight Path Riddle

The believed flight path of the jet appears to be slightly off. What's up?

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Tena Bar Money Find Spot

Eric re-discovers where some of the ransom was found in February 1980.

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Money Mystery Explained

How did three rotting packets of Cooper's cash end up on a beach?

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What Was DB Cooper's Plan 'A'?

It appears that DB Cooper's caper didn't go exactly as planned. Here's how.

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Diatoms on DB Cooper's Cash

Fragile diatoms on DB Cooper's cash tell us about what happened, and when.

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DB Cooper Boeing Connection?

The evidence strongly suggests a Boeing connection to DB Cooper.

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DB Cooper Air Tour

While at CooperCon 2021, view notable locations related to the DB Cooper case by air. This includes, Tena Bar, the FBI search zone, Merwin Dam, the law enforcement staging area in Woodland, and PDX where it all began.

This 45-minute tour from a Cessna 172 begins at 10AM on Sunday, November 21, 2021 from Portland/Troutdale Airport.

The cost is $149 per person. Tickets are non-refundable.

Seating is extremely limited so get your ticket today for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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More Research and Investigations from Eric

JFK Missing Bullet & Shot

The Warren Commission answered a lot, however could never identify which shot missed.

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Gardner Museum Heist

It is the biggest heist of all time valued at $600 million, and has yet to be solved.

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Flight 19 & Bermuda Triangle

What happened to five US military fighter aircraft that disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle?

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