Media Release 10/30/2023

First Day of New DB Cooper Search
Uncovers Tantalizing Item That May Be From Skyjacker


OCTOBER 30, 2023

 Vancouver, WA—A new search targeting a previously unsearched hazardous ¾ mile-long trench, overgrown with dense blackberry bushes and located within one mile of the spot a portion of DB Cooper’s ransom was found in 1980, has resulted in a tantalizing discovery.

Day One of the search covered 15% of the trench and ended near the location where a tattered white flat sheet was found. It has been determined that the poly-cotton white flat sheet was purchased from a Kmart store between 1964 and 1967. An analysis of the white flat sheet component fibers will be conducted to determine whether they resemble several fibers found upon DB Cooper’s clip-on tie, which was purchased from a JC Penney store in 1964 or 1965.

Two notable comments from witnesses in the FBI files may provide a link between the white flat sheet and DB Cooper. First, flight attendant Tina Mucklow described seeing Cooper attempt to wrap the ransom in a “white material.” Second, multiple witnesses describe Cooper carrying a paper bag aboard the jet—which measured approximately 14” wide X 12” tall X 4” deep—that held an unknown item or items.

Given the flight attendant account of seeing Cooper use a white material to wrap the $200,000 ransom, the mystery of the paper bag,the age of the white flat sheet, and the location of its discovery, the possibilities cannot be ignored,” stated search leader Eric Ulis. Ulis continued, “this item is at least 56-years old and was transported to the difficult-to-reach spot, within ½ mile of the 1980 money find,somehow, for some reason, by someone.

The trench is on private property and access is strictly prohibited. Interestingly the white flat sheet was found at a spot that is extremely difficult to access and has likely remained untouched for many decades.

Results of the initial white flat sheet analysis will be presented at CooperCon 2023 in Seattle in three weeks. The white flat sheetitself will also be on display at the event.

Pictures of the white flat sheet are available to view and publish at