The Rugged Outdoors Blackjack Series

You will have never seen anything like The Rugged Outdoors Blackjack Series when it launches on June 8th, 2024 via YouTube livestream.

Eric Ulis—a world-class card-counter with 37 years of card counting experience—battles The House and the elements, head-to-head and outdoors, in some of the most inhospitable conditions imaginable.

The Rugged Outdoors Blackjack Series kicks off this summer with three epic clashes.

First, you will see Eric duel The House in the scorching Arizona desert where temperatures regularly exceed 110 degrees. The following month, Eric wrestles The House in a sweltering Florida swamp ripe with high humidity, bugs, and all the rest. This will be followed the next month with Eric and The House clashing high in the Colorado Rockies at a nosebleed elevation of over 12,000 feet where the oxygen is thin and the sun’s ultra-violet rays are almighty.

The series will continue into the winter months where you can only imagine what we will dream up next.

The game itself will be structured just as you would find in any casino. It will feature an action packed single-deck game where volatility reigns supreme. Each round will consist of eight hands before the cards are reshuffled. Eric will wager between 10,000 and 100,000 chips per hand. The rules will be consistent with many Las Vegas games. And, each game will include 27 rounds totaling 216 hands of blackjack (about 2 1/2 hours), all played with spectacular black playing cards embossed with gold and silver printing.

The Rugged Outdoors Blackjack Series will also hold some additional surprises, including entertaining and engaging commentary directly from Eric in real-time. He will explain how the count is fluctuating, what he expects to see before it happens, and will give you a peek inside the mind of a pro as you join him on the front lines.

To be sure, as a world-class pro, Eric will have a mathematical edge over The House that will average about 2%--a small but mighty edge over time. That said, before each game commences, a betting line will be published that will consider all factors, including the elements and conditions that the game will be played under. All of this is being done as we work to open up wagering on The Rugged Outdoors Blackjack Series via legal online sports betting and fantasy sports platforms operating within the United States and elsewhere.

Buckle up and hold on as it all starts with an action-packed, adrenaline-laced, and visually stunning experience on June 8th in the rugged outdoors of red hot Arizona.

All games will be streamed lived via YouTube (@EricUlisOfficial).

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